A Decree n°2017-307 dated 9 March 2017 relating to the affiliation of the seafarers residing in France embarked on a foreign flagged ship, mentioned in article L5551-1 of the Code of Transports, to the schemes operated by the National Establishment for Seamen’s Invalidity (ENIM) was published in the Official Journal of 11 March 2017 and entered into force on 12 March 2017. The Decree applies to seafarers residing in France embarked on a foreign flagged ship, not subject to the social security legislation of a foreign country in accordance with the European Union regulations or international agreements, and their employers. The employers must affiliate to ENIM the seafarers falling within the scope of the Decree dated 9 March 2017. Failing this, the affiliation may be carried out by the seafarers. In the event of lack of affiliation by the employer and the seafarers, the affiliation may be carried out automatically by ENIM. Regarding the administrative formalities, the employers shall comply with the Decree at the latest on 1 July 2017.