An Order dated 30 December 2016 amending the Order of 28 April 2016 relating to the communication by the shipper to the carrier, on the shipping document, of the verified gross mass of a container packed in France and aimed at being loaded on board a ship calling at a port was published on 16 February 2017 in the Official Journal. The shipper or a person duly authorized by the shipper communicates the shipping document to the master or his representative at the latest “before the date set by the latter”. “The master or his representative communicates upon receipt” to the representative of the port terminal the verified gross mass of each of the containers mentioned in the shipping document and in the agreements. “Regarding the containers of a mass of 10 tonnes or more, including container tare mass” the result of the difference between the exact mass of the container and the mass declared in the shipping document, divided by the exact mass of the container, is comprised between -0,05 and +0,05. “Regarding the containers of a mass of less than 10 tonnes, including container tare mass: the result of the difference between the exact mass and the mass declared in the shipping document is comprised  between -500 kg and +500 kg”. Non compliance with the provisions of article 4 authorizes “the master or his representative” to refuse to load the container on board the ship.