Supreme Court, 15 June 2016, n°14-28966 : Exclusion of the cover of a special indemnity provided under a maritime salvage. Article 14 of the 1989 Salvage Convention provides that the special indemnity paid to the entity which provided salvage, irrespective of a useful result, to a vessel in peril threatening the environment, includes all costs, without distinction between those incurred for the preservation of the vessel and those engaged for the preservation of the environment. The hull insurance contract concluded by BOURBON excludes the cover of the special indemnity payable under article 14 of the 1989 Salvage Convention or under any other provision to the same effect. The SCOPIC clause provides that it is additional to the salvage contract concluded on a “no cure no pay” basis and that it substitutes a method of calculation of the special indemnity provided by article 14 of the Salvage Convention. As a consequence, the indemnity paid to the salvor under this clause as a remuneration of the assistance provided to the vessel, which was indeed threatening to cause damage to the environment, is excluded from the cover of the hull insurer.