Supreme Court, 12 Jan. 2017, n°15-26325 : A collision occurred between a scooter driven by X, then a minor, and another scooter driven by Y, Z being a passenger. Y and Z constituted themselves as civil parties on 13 February 2009 before a juvenile court, which decided that X was entirely liable for the injuries sustained by Y and Z, and that the parents of X were civilly responsible for their son. The guarantee fund of mandatory insurances (FGAO), intervening voluntarily in the proceedings, having concluded with Y and Z an agreement under which it has indemnified Y, summoned on 11 May 2012 X and his parents for the payment of the sum paid to the victim. X summoned his insurer, the company P in order to be guaranteed against any possible condemnation for the benefit of FGAO. Based on article L114-1, paragraph 3, of the Insurance Code, the Supreme Court decided that FGAO, which takes a recourse action against the person liable for the damages sustained by the victim that it has indemnified, is a third party in the meaning of this text; as a consequence, the two-year limitation period of the action of the liable person against his insurer starts from the date of this recourse only. The recourse action of X against the company P was caused by the recourse of FGAO and the limitation period started from the date of summons of FGAO.