Supreme Court, 18 Jan. 2017, n°15-26105 : Summoned before the French jurisdiction by the company X, the company Y raised an objection to jurisdiction based on the jurisdiction clause conferring jurisdiction on the English courts contained in the concession contract signed by them. The company X complains that the decision of the Court of Appeal declared the French jurisdiction incompetent. The company X claims that the jurisdiction clause circumvents a public-order French legislation given that this clause linked the competence of the English judge to the application of the English law and that the jurisdiction clause contained in the contract could not apply given the nature of the action based on the allegation of a brutal rupture of an established commercial relationship. The Supreme Court decided that, having noted that the legal relationship at issue is not limited to the contractual obligations, the reference to article 26 to the “present contract” concerning the applicable law only, and must comprise the disputes resulting from the contractual relationship, the Court of Appeal deduced that even though mandatory provisions could be applicable to the merits of the dispute, the jurisdiction clause applied to the brutal rupture of the contract.