Dangerous goods

05/20/2020|0 Comments

Decree n°2020-586 dated 18 May 2020 sets out the terms of the obligation of declaration of hazardous and noxious substances received by maritime transport on the French [...]

Autonomous ships

12/27/2019|0 Comments

Act n°2019-1428 dated 24 December 2019 authorises the Government to take measures by ordinance in order to amend the code of transports to enable the navigation of [...]

Global Share SA edoxOnline platform

06/17/2019|0 Comments

The International Group of P&I Clubs published a circular on electronic bills of lading and blockchain based systems. EdoxOnline becomes the 4th system approved by the International [...]

Fight against piracy

05/13/2019|0 Comments

Order n°2019-414 of 7 May 2019 amending Act n°94-589 of 15 July 1994 relating to the fight against piracy and to the rules governing the exercise by [...]

The concept of “operating air carrier”

08/09/2018|0 Comments

ECJ, 4 July 2018, Case C‑532/17, Wolfgang Wirth, Theodor Mülder, Ruth Mülder, Gisela Wirth v. Thomson Airways Ltd: The concept of an ‘operating air carrier’ within the meaning of Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 of [...]

The insurance company, who, in full knowledge of the results of the survey meant to demonstrate the reality and extent of the liability of the insured, did have the possibility to discuss the findings thereof, cannot, save proof of fraud, contend that the said survey could not be validly invoked against her

09/25/2016|0 Comments

Supreme Court, 29 Sept. 2016, n°15-16342: Whereas, in order to hold that the survey report could not be opposed to CAMBTP, the Court of Appeal considered that the [...]

Documentary Credit and Fraud

02/04/2016|0 Comments

CA Paris, 15 Jan. 2016, n°14/17486: The confirming bank breaches its obligations when it proceeds to payment without checking the apparent conformity of the documents. It cannot [...]

Regulated agreements

01/19/2016|0 Comments

Supreme Court, 5 Jan. 2016, n°14-18688: A contract between a company and its managing director is cancelled if it is tainted with fraud for having been concluded [...]

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