A « note to the operators » of the Customs dated 23 January 2017 explicits article 5 of the Order dated 13 April 2016 relating to the customs representation and the registration of the customs representatives. Article 5 of the Order dated 13 April 2016 states that the registered customs representative cannot delegate the authorization he has received from his principal to another customs representative. The note to the operators of the Customs provides that the customs representative, agent or subcontractor, who shall appear in box 14 of the single administrative document shall be a registered customs representative according to the Order dated 13 April 2016. The note to the operators states that the subcontracting contract shall not amend the powers granted by the principal to the initial agent. According to the note to the operators, the evidence of the authorization provided for in article 5 of the Order dated 13 April 2016 may be provided by any means. The note to the operators states that the customs representative may authorize one or several persons to attend in his place potential customs controls.